FAY - Deathwatch Vinyl 12"

Image of FAY - Deathwatch Vinyl 12"


Two years after the excellent 'DIN' LP, former Pit Er Pat player FAY Davis-Jeffers returns with a bolder, even more arresting sound on 'Deathwatch', again released by California's Time No Place label. Anchored by wilfully, cannily off-the-grid grooves, we hear a more sultry and warped FAY this time out, much to our satisfaction. Nine tracks twyst and wriggle between the clattering, itchy funk of 'C.a.y.a' to the lo-slung post-punk bass riffing and swaggered sensuality of 'Sex Hats' thru the collapsing industro-dub rhythms of 'Can't Fall' to tumbling, extra-tropical syncopation and synth discord in 'Coda' and one tantalising exercise in airborne tension with closer 'What Wouldn't You Do'. If anything, we're inclined to say this record's even more impressive that 'DIN', and if you know what that means; it's a real no brainer.